Reese Witherspoon says motherhood is like 'having a second childhood'

If you find yourself up late on Wednesday night, frantically stuffing goody bags and decorating handmade Valentines for your kids or their classmates, take solace in knowing that somewhere one of Hollywood’s highest paid actress is doing the exact same thing. But the busywork of motherhood isn’t a burden for Reese Witherspoon; Quite the contrary, the 31-year-old says that she loves being a hands-on mom to Ava Elizabeth, 8 ½, and Deacon Reese, 4. In an interview earlier today on Good Morning America, Reese said,

As soon as I get done here I have to run to the arts and crafts store because I have to make Valentine’s Day cards and boxes. It’s too fun. It’s like having a second childhood. You get to go and do it all over again.

The appearance was to promote the new film Penelope, which Reese produced. The lead character in the film is born with a pig snout instead of a nose and in coming to terms with her appearance she learns the importance of self-acceptance. Reese said that she identified with the character on a variety of levels.

The character of Penelope really spoke to me, finding what’s really beautiful about yourself — that can really define you.  I think there’s another theme here, too, about parents and how parents can see some sort of tiny flaw in their child as a horrible stumbling block for them. Whereas, you know, maybe it’s not.

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Although she’s been blessed with "two beautiful, healthy, lovely, giving sweet children," Reese says that Ava and Deacon have not been immune from disappointment in their short lives. Teaching them to deal with it in a constructive way is "tough" but it’s also "part of being a parent," Reese says. Besides, somewhere buried beneath the disappointment is often a life lesson waiting to be found, Reese notes.

Hopefully, it helps kids really understand who they are. You know, figure out who they are.

Reese also isn’t the type of mom to swoop in and rescue Ava and Deacon at the first signs of trouble on the playground or at school. Having kids who can withstand adversity during childhood will only make them stronger as adults, Reese says, and she uses her own youth as proof.

I wouldn’t want my children to miss out on any of that teasing and bullying and don’t you think it kind of makes you who you are?  This drives me crazy about today. Everyone wins the award and then, you know, everybody’s an MVP?  No!  They’re not!  Okay?  I distinctly recall the two weeks of crying because I didn’t make the softball team. It made me interesting, you know?

Ava and Deacon are Reese’s children with ex-husband Ryan Philippe.

Source: Good Morning America

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