Reel Talk's Alison Bailes - Top 5 Films for New Mothers to Avoid

Alison Bailes of Lyon and Bailes Reel Talk will be contributing a weekly column to CBB. She recently gave birth to her second child, son Frederick, on October 18th. Alison also has a daughter named Agatha Violet.

Here is her first column.

As a mother of two, it’s becoming much more difficult to watch certain films where children are neglected, abandoned, attacked, etc. I’m even a bit hesitant to see this December’s “Kite Runner.” Apparently, one of the young main characters is the victim of a sexual attack –- and that does not sit well with me. Perhaps my feelings are just a phase and once my children get older I’ll ease out of this. It’s quite possible, but only time will tell.

During my interview today with Keri Russell, who stars in “August Rush,” (in theaters November 21), I was comforted to discover I’m not the only mother out there who just can’t stomach films with child victims.


"Sophie’s Choice" Meryl Streep has to choose to give up one of her children. How can you choose between your children? What logic can you possibly use when you know you are sending one of them to almost certain death?

"A Cry in the Dark"Meryl Streep (again) has to cope with the disappearance of her newborn — and is then accused of murdering it. Relates to the current story of the English girl who vanished in Portugal.


"Tsotsi"We see a newborn baby in the incapable hands of a murdering hoodlum. Every second I feared for the baby’s life and anguished for the mother.

"Gone Baby Gone" A four-year-old vanishes. Worse, the mother is seemingly indifferent.

"Rosemary’s Baby"Mia Farrow must decide whether to be a mother to her baby, even though she realizes he is the devil’s child!

Am I (and Keri Russell) alone on this? Are there other films new parents would rather avoid?

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