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Updated October 06, 2009 04:00 PM

The decision by Rebecca Romijn to name daughter Dolly Rebecca Rose, 9 months, after Dolly Parton may have taken some by surprise, but by Rebecca’s account the country legend wouldn’t have had it any other way.

During a Monday visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she revealed although she has enjoyed a lifelong “incredible, emotional” love affair with Dolly’s music, it was a backstage visit at Dollywood that sealed the deal.

“When I was six months pregnant, I saw her perform. Right before her show I sat with her and she asked me what I was thinking of naming my daughters,” the 36-year-old Eastwick star reveals. “I said, ‘I’m thinking about Dolly for one of them’…I was a little bit embarrassed to say it.” What happened next, however, removed any and all doubt.

On the way back to the airport, Rebecca says she called husband Jerry O’Connell to tell him about her experience but she found herself struggling with the words. “I was gasping for air,” she explains. “He could tell I was incredibly emotionally verklempt, and at the end he goes, ‘You wanna name one of our girls Dolly, right?’ Done. Fine. We can do it!”

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Dolly and her twin sister Charlie Tamara Tulip are “so fun,” Rebecca raves, and hitting lots of important milestones along the way. “They’re starting to get teeth and they’re starting to talk,” the proud mama reports. “Charlie is saying ‘mama’ and ‘baba’…I guess Jerry is baba.”

They’re also rough and tumble — which has thrown Rebecca for quite a loop! “I had this fantasy that when I would have two little girls they’d be wearing matching outfits with little bows in their hair,” she confesses. “But these girls wrestle, and whatever I put in their hair they pull out and it goes directly in their mouth.”

The girls are also very much on the move, courtesy of matching walkers which have mom and dad green with envy. “We have wood floors and we’ve rolled up all the rugs, and they go racing around and just play bumper cars all day,” Rebecca shares. “It’s so fun; Jerry and I want adult-sized walkers…we want in on that game.”

Rebecca’s new show Eastwick airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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