Rebecca Romijn Says Parenting Twins 'Prevents You from Being Too Much of a Helicopter Mom'

"Between the two of us, I'm the disciplinarian," Rebecca Romijn tells PEOPLE of whether she or husband Jerry O'Connell is stricter on their daughters

Rebecca Romijn is getting candid about what it really takes to be a parent of two babies at once.

“It’s hard with twins because it prevents you from being too much of a helicopter mom,” The Librarians star, 44, tells PEOPLE. “You’ve got two at the same time to take care of, and the one who needs you the most is the one who gets you.”

Adds Romijn, whose daughters Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip are now 8 years old, “And so the other one’s gotta cry it out until you can get to her. It’s true!”

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Romijn and husband Jerry O’Connell are both working actors, which makes a balanced routine a challenge. But she says the secret is that the married couple of almost 10 years embrace the teamwork mentality.

“In our efforts to raise normal, loving children, we tag-team with work, typically,” she explains. “So when he is traveling for work, I usually am the mom at home, and vice versa — when I’m traveling for work, he stays home.”

“And that’s always worked out until we got this Hallmark movie, Love Locks, where we spent a month away from our girls and Grandma and Grandpa took over,” Romijn says of the film she and O’Connell are starring in together, which premiered this past Saturday.

“Jerry’s mom and dad came and took over, which was great, ’cause they love that,” she continues. “Our daughters love it, the grandparents love it. It’s win-win. And Jerry and I got a lot of date nights out of it, as well!”


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The actress and former model also opens up about how difficult it was to lose the baby weight after giving birth to her daughters in 2008.

“Baby weight is no joke — I mean, that last 10, 15 pounds was almost impossible for me to lose,” she admits. “But breastfeeding helped a lot. It’s also great for the baby and convenient, especially if you’ve got twins.”

“Everything is double the amount of stuff, so if you’re nursing it’s convenient.”

Romijn admits she is the stricter parent when compared to O’Connell.

“Between the two of us, I’m the disciplinarian,” she confesses. “We’ll see what happens when they become teenagers — I don’t think I was that bad as a teenager. Maybe my parents would say something different. But I think the older they get, Jerry’s becoming a little stricter with them.”

Speaking of her husband, Romijn says earnestly that he is a “great dad.”

“I think the two of us have really worked on developing their sense of humor, and I think he has really helped them lighten up about things,” she says. “Girls can get very moody over things and the littlest thing can send them into a tailspin, and he is very good at spinning it and letting them see the funny side.”

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