Billie "is a spitfire," Gayheart, 41, says. "We call her my spirited, challenging child 'cause she's just full of fire."
Rebecca Gayheart: My Elder Daughter Likes to Steal the Spotlight

Stefanie Keenan/Getty

It looks like Eric Dane‘s oldest daughter is already following in his footsteps. (And we’re not talking about a showbiz career just yet.)

Nearly a year after welcoming Georgia Geraldine last December, 2½-year-old Billie Beatrice is “a good big sister,” wife Rebecca Gayheart tells PEOPLE at Baby2Baby’s first annual gala, held Saturday in Culver City, Calif.

“But she knows how to steal the spotlight,” she adds, which is something the actress jokes her daughter picked up “from her dad.”

The two girls have two very different personalities. Billie “is a spitfire,” Gayheart, 41, says. “We call her my spirited, challenging child ’cause she’s just full of fire.”

She adds: “Everyone thinks she’s 4. You know, having full-on conversations and taking over her preschool.”

But 10-month-old Georgia “is like my little Buddha baby,” the actress says. “She’s sweet and happy all the time. She truly is just the sweetest baby on the planet.”

Here’s something else to envy: “She sleeps well. She eats well,” Gayheart, who enjoyed Beau Joie champagne at the gala, says. “She’s a gift.”

— Alison Schwartz with reporting by Raha Lewis