Really comfy maternity jeans

During my pregnancy, I fell in love with my Gap maternity jeans. The key feature of the jeans were their waist-style Roll Panel. They now offer five styles of jeans, four styles of pants and one skirt.

TheRoll Panel is a strip of soft stretchy fabric that you can fold down orpull over your belly, depending on the kind of coverage you need.Towards the end of my pregnancy, I needed to pull it up high but I have to admit that at the very end, they felldown a little because my belly’s gotten so big. I wore these jeanssince the very early days of my pregnancy when I had no belly to speakof but when my other jeans were too tight in the waist. They are also really great to wear once the baby is born and you have that baby-spare-tire. A caveat- they’re notexactly cheap (~$68) but you will get a lot of wear out of them.

I was really spoiled by maternity pants.They are so much more comfortable than styles with a waistband that candig in, even at your normal weight.

Pictured: lightweight trouser jeans ($68), me in my jeans (no longer available),

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