Real World's Puck welcomes second son

The Real World: San Francisco’s David "Puck" Rainey, 38, and his wife Betty, 39, welcomed their second son on August 6th. Rocco Kokopelli weighed in at 8 lbs., 9 oz and joins big brother Bogart Che Peyote, 4.

According to Puck, he picked Bogart’s name, while his wife picked Rocco’s. Although the name is a combination of his dad’s name and her dad’s name, Puck doesn’t like Betty’s choice. However, he’s hoping to nickname his son Rocky or Roc.

Rocco "looks like a combination of both of us, which is probably lucky for him because I’m kind of ugly," Puck tells People Magazine. He also talks fatherhood, saying. "I love babies…Having your own baby gives you a capacity to love something a lot differently. I didn’t have the capacity to love things in the same way before I had a kid. I had dogs and fish and plants, but never a kid. I had little Bogart and it kind of changed me a lot. And now, Rocco. I really just like looking at him."

Story for use on CBB courtesy of People Magazine.

Thanks to CBB reader Lisa.

Did any readers not like their spouses choice of name either? Did you eventually come to like their choice, or no? Did anyone do the "one parent names the first child, the other parent names the second" thing?

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