The Weirdest Places Real Moms Have Given Birth, from a Chick-Fil-A Bathroom to a Walmart Parking Lot

And you thought you had a weird delivery experience.

In April, Seth Meyers revealed he and wife Alexi Ashe welcomed their second child, son Axel. But this was no ordinary delivery. The newborn made his dramatic entrance in the lobby of the new parents’ apartment building.

“I called 911 and over the course of a minute conversation, I said, ‘We’re about to have a baby — we’re having a baby — we had a baby,’ ” the talk show host recounted.

The couple joins a growing list of parents — including the wife of Midland’s Jess Carson who welcomed their son in a parking lot — who first met their babies in the most random, unexpected (read: not in a hospital or at home) places.

Here, we break down those straight-out-of-a-movie moments.

At Six Flags

A woman, identified only as Crusita, was reportedly at Six Flags Over Georgia’s Hurricane Harbor with her daughter in July 2018, when she went into labor, according to Fox 5 Atlanta. Crusita went to the first aid area and told the employees she felt she was in labor, the station reports. Emergency responders were then dispatched and helped Crusita deliver her baby, a boy named Mathew.

In honor of his birthday, the park gifted Crusita and Mathew with Diamond Elite Memberships, which guarantees them free entry to any Six Flags park for the rest of their lives.

A Chick-Fil-A bathroom

ABC 12

After Robert Griffin’s wife Falon began having contractions in July 2018, the couple made a pit stop on their way to San Antonio, Texas’ University Hospital to meet up with a family friend at a local Chick-Fil-A store so they could drop off their two older daughters, KSAT ABC 12 reported. The mom-to-be decided to go to the bathroom before heading to the hospital, and she did — before the manager alerted Robert that his wife was screaming in the stall.

“I can see just the top of Gracelyn’s head, just barely crowning, but I knew we couldn’t go anywhere. So I told her, ‘Sweetie, we’re gonna do something great, and we’re gonna do it right here and we’re gonna do it right now,'” Robert told KENS-TV.

“I couldn’t control it,” his wife added. “I was basically [straddling] the toilet — I wasn’t even sitting down. I was literally standing giving birth, with one hand on the wall and one hand holding her head.”

In honor of the unexpected delivery, the popular franchise will give her free food for life and has also guaranteed her a job as soon as she turns 16, according to KENS-TV.

A Turkish hotel bathroom

In a series of unbelievably epic tweets, Tia Freeman shared her unique birthing story, which started when she first realized she was pregnant during an overnight layover in Istanbul, Turkey. She was in the country for 17 hours before making it to her second flight to Germany. Not knowing she was in her third trimester until she was off the plane and at the airport, Freeman tried keeping her cool until she made it to her Turkish hotel. “I make it to my hotel & now I’m sure I’m in labor,” she tweeted. “There is no way in the world I’m not in labor because I can barely standup at this point. So I’m in a foreign country, where no one speaks english, I don’t know this country’s emergency number, & I have no clue what to do.”

So, Freeman decided to watch YouTube videos to quickly learn how to deliver her own baby, filled up her bathtub with warm water and stepped inside, where she gave birth to son Xavier after only having to “push 5-6 [times]”. She also birthed her placenta, cut her own umbilical cord (with shoelaces she sanitized by boiling them in a water kettle), and breastfed her newborn before going to sleep. Talk about superwoman.

“No I do not go to the hospital I take my ass to bed,” read one of Freeman’s tweets, adding she didn’t want to miss her morning flight since it cost her a lot of money. “So the next day I wake up for and get ready to go to the airport because I already paid for the cab the night before …”

Upon arriving at the airport with her son for her second flight, airport staff became concerned. Freeman and her newborn were taken to the hospital for a checkup that would end up deeming Freeman and Xavier perfectly healthy.

Due to the media attention surrounding Freeman and her story, Turkish Airlines treated the new mom and newborn to plenty of perks.

She wrote: “Because I gave them so much publicity Turkish Airlines paid for my hotel stay for two weeks, comped all my meals, upgrade @BBills_ & my return flights to business class and we enjoyed the lavish business lounge. The end.”

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An Orlando Fire Station

In March 2018, Candace Howes and her husband Zack were en route to the hospital when the expectant mom started pushing, prompting the couple to pull over and call 911 when they were a mile away from home. They were told to go to the nearest fire station, which they did.

“I was crowning so I stepped out and then within two steps out and then I got on the ground and pushed the baby out and the fire chief caught him and I rolled over and put him on me,” the new mom told Orlando, Florida outlet News 6.

A Pensacola Gas Station

“I’m going into labor and my water’s been broke,” 23-year-old Kayla told a 911 dispatcher while she was at a Pensacola, Florida gas station at 2 a.m. in March 2018. The Mississippi native was visiting her husband, who works in the Florida town. Kayla went into labor before an ambulance came to her aid, and gave birth to a healthy baby in the gas station parking lot.

In a Hospital Hallway

Jes’ baby just couldn’t wait! The expectant mom barely made it to her Kansas hospital before her sixth child, son Max, made his world wide debut in July 2017. “He arrived on the floor just inside the entrance of the emergency room at 3:38 a.m.,” she wrote on photographer Tammy Karin’s blog, Little Leapling. “Less than 25 minutes from the time my water broke at home, and only a few moments after we stepped inside the hospital.”

In a Wendy’s Parking Lot

In April 2015, a Pittsburgh woman — who didn’t know she was pregnant — gave birth to a baby boy in her car while parked in a Wendy’s parking lot.

On the Side of the Road

In March 2018, mom-to-be Alyssa Lightner had her doula pull over her truck to deliver her baby. The women were on their way to the hospital, but Lightner couldn’t wait any longer. Her baby boy, later named Asher, was on his way. So, they pulled over on the side of the road. “The next thing I know, [the doula] was pulling the baby out,” Lightner, who also had help from a 911 dispatcher, told The Baltimore Sun.

In the Backseat of a Jeep

Paula D’Amore went into labor at home and stuck it out before she and husband Joe decided it was time to make their way to a Boca Raton hospital in Florida. The couple’s birth photographer, Paulina Splechta, followed them in a separate car. “I ran over to their car, camera in hand, and saw Joe holding baby Daniella’s head!” Splechta, who documented the moment in April 2016, told POPSUGAR of what happened when the trio made it just outside the hospital.

In a Walmart (kind of)

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

During a shopping trip at a Quebec Walmart, a week before her due date, Annick Lepage-Pichette alerted Walmart employees that she was going into labor. The staff reportedly created a makeshift delivery room with sheets and pillows in the store before an ambulance came to take Lepage-Pichette to the hospital. The Canadian woman ended up welcoming her baby in the ambulance shortly after leaving the Walmart.

In the Red Sea

In March 2018, onlooker Hadia Hosny El Said snapped the moment a Russian tourist delivered her baby in the Red Sea in Dahab, Egypt, with some help from two men — one who is seen holding the newborn, and the other who was snapped with a bucket holding the new mom’s placenta.

In a Stream

In a video she shared on YouTube, doula Simone Thurber is seen squatting in a stream in the Australian Daintree Rainforest before catching and cuddling her own baby. The process took only 25 minutes.

“I am not a hippy drippy mom, but I wanted my fourth child to be born away from beeping machines and a hospital environment,” she told the New York Post. “Let’s face it, women have been giving birth in the wild for thousands of years, but the thought of a modern women squatting in a creek and giving birth horrified many people even before I gave birth and shared the video.”

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