June 18, 2007 08:37 PM

We received this very touching email from CBB Reader Kathryn today:

I just wanted to thank your team from the bottom of my heart. As a family being made through adoption, I am always saddened by the term ‘real parents’ ‘real child’ ‘natural child’ and constantly saying ‘adopted child’ when describing a child who came to a family through adoption. Your site is the only celebrity site or magazine that doesn’t do this, ever. I am so thankful. You remind me constantly that there are people out there, who may not be adoptive parents themselves, but that they know how to be sensitive and they ‘get it’. I am one of your long time readers & I have never once been offended by any of your postings about adoption. I always grin from ear to ear when you make wonderful comments like ‘they raise 4 children together’ or forgo pointing out which child is adopted.

You really do rock & I wanted to let you know that. Okay now I am crying!! Adoption is such an amazingly emotional and wonderful process, and for once it is happy tears instead of sad ones.

Whether or not you are an adoptive parent or have been adopted yourself, does it bother you when people refer to a child as adopted?

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