This story sort of has a happy ending.

Tyrese’s girlfriend’s lawyer has issued a statement saying that the details of the incident have been ‘distorted.’

Here’s the story they are telling now: "Reports that Tyrese punched my client- his girlfriend- in the arm, thigh or anywhere else are false. It is true, Mr. Gibson and his girlfriend had been arguing. She became very emotional and distressed during the argument and called 911 in an attempt to get a mediator. Mr. Gibson, frustrated, left the home. My client, Mr. Gibson’s girlfriend, who is 11 weeks pregnant, then became more upset and began throwing up. When the paramedics arrived, concerned about the baby, they took her to the hospital. Fortunately, she was fine. Once at the hospital, she was asked by a nurse whether she had been assaulted. She said no. She was then asked what her pain level was on a scale of zero to ten. She said zero. She then discharged herself. Mr. Gibson and his girlfriend are very much still in love, together and excited about their expectant child. She is quite saddened that this event was so distorted."

We hope that this is really what happened because often battered women recant their stories in order to make peace with their abusive partner. We are not saying that Tyrese is a batterer, but if this was a case of systematic abuse, then that could explain why her lawyer has made this statement.

Originally posted January 4, 2007:
When we originally reported this at lunchtime today, what we have posted below was the report TMZ had on their website and what was known to be the story at the time. Since then, TMZ has sent a correctional press release related to this incident, with the changes already having been made on their website. TMZ has amended their story to say that the girlfriend is 3 months pregnant, not 5, and was punched in the thigh and arm twice each, not the stomach.

E! Online reports that the girlfriend was treated and released from the hospital with no visible injuries.

Originally posted 12 pm:
According to TMZ, R&B singer/actor/model Tyrese Gibson is being investigated for allegedly abusing his pregnant girlfriend this morning. Apparently, Tyrese punched his 5 months pregnant girlfriend in the stomach after the couple got into a fight at 5:30 am. Paramedics were dispatched to their Los Angeles home, but we don’t know the extent of the injuries to the fetus or mother.

Source: TMZ