Rashida Jones says Harlow Madden is 'perfect'


As lifelong friends, it was never in doubt that Rashida Jones would attend Nicole Richie‘s baby shower. After gifting Nicole with a Not Rational diaper bag and various other maternity items, Rashida said she enjoyed watching the Richie-Madden Foundation kick into high gear, as it immediately began the process of distributing Nicole’s shower gifts to young mothers in need. Says Rashida,

When we were leaving the shower, there was one of those huge valets shipping out the gifts.  It was cool.

Now that Harlow Winter Kate, 6 weeks, has arrived the goodwill of her parents– including her dad, musician Joel Madden — appears to have been paid back in full. Harlow, Rashida says, "is just the most perfect little thing."

Source: OK!

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