Brad Harris said that having identical triplet girls leaves him "way outnumbered"

By Char Adams
January 05, 2016 11:45 AM

Good things come in threes!

A Texas couple is taking home rare identical triplet baby girls after the infants spent weeks in neonatal intensive care at a Houston hospital.

Doctors initially told Stephanie and Brad Harris that they would be the parents of twins, but a subsequent doctor’s visit revealed that the couple’s two bundles of joy were actually three.

“I was shocked and still trying to get over learning we were having twins when we got news of triplets, the couple told NBC News.

Addison, Kinsley and Savannah Harris were born Dec. 1 at Houston’s Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital and, after more than a month, the triplets were discharged from the hospital on Monday.

Despite the surprise, Brad told KHOU that he and Stephanie are prepared for parenthood.

However, he added: “I’m just way outnumbered now.”

The girls were born 10 weeks premature and weighed between three and three-and-a-half pounds, KHOU reports.

In the weeks after their birth, Dr. Rene Ramirez said the girls were all getting stronger by the day, the doctor added, “They’re all doing very, very well,” ABC reports.

The triplets couldn’t be any more alike, Stephanie told KHOU.

“Just triple of everything,” she said. “They sit there. They make the same noises. They do the same thing. They have their own language.”

Brad and Stephanie have taken certain measures to tell the girls apart, KHOU reports.

“We got ankle bracelets, and we’re going to color coordinate them,” Stephanie said. “Hopefully, we don’t get them mixed up.”