Randy Jackson would let his kids try out for American Idol

Randy Jackson has judged American Idol for the past seven seasons,has seen all types of people come try out for the show and knows that it isn’t the easiest thing to go through. So on that note, Parade Magazine asked the 51-year-old if he would let his three kids try to become the next American Idol. He replied,

Yes, [I] would, if they truly wanted to try. Oh, my god, you may think we’re tough, but the public is tougher. Mick Jagger had it hard at first. They threw stuff at Prince when he was an opening act. People will say, ‘What big ears, I don’t like that nose, look at her hair,’ even before they listen to the music.

Randy is dad to three children — Taylor, 17, with ex-wife Elizabeth Jackson, and Zoe, 11, and Jordan, 9, with wife Erika Riker.

Source: Parade Magazine

Thanks to CBB reader Mary Beth.

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