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Updated April 29, 2008 08:31 AM
Source: Hola!; April issue

Spanish Flamenco dancer and choreographer Rafael ‘Rafa' Amargo, 33, and his wife, Yolanda, introduced their second son, Dante Horoshi Dali, born on March 10th via cesarean, in the newest issue of Hola! Also at the photo shoot was their 3-year-old son, Leon Bidanshi Lorca.

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Rafa, who is in heaven over his two boys, admits that he at least wants nine kids and jokes that by just having two, things are "too equal" in the family.

While occasional jealousy towards his new little brother arises, Leon does in fact offer to kiss the baby during the interview, and when asked what he thought about his new little brother, he only had this to say:


After a very difficult time with their first baby Leon, Rafa and Yolanda couldn't be happier that their newest addition is so quiet that sometimes they even forget he's in the house!

While Yolanda admits that her first pregnancy was extremely difficult and she was unsure as a first-time mother; with her second baby, she is taking everything in stride and so far it has been a breeze.

Rafa explained his son's names and how each name follows a similar pattern; one that they will hopefully continue with their future kids.


Finally, Yolanda couldn't help but share her admiration for her husband.

And Rafa couldn't help adding in to Yolanda's statement and showing how much he loves his wife.

Source: Hola!; April issue