Rachel Weisz's son Henry comes first

New mom Rachel Weisz appears on the cover of California Style Magazine this month – but the interview to go with the photographs had to wait. Henry Chance’s health takes priority – causing Rachel to need to reschedule her interview, saying, "I’m sorry, but my baby had a hernia. He was born with it – what’s the fancy word for that? Congenital. He had to have an operation last week." Henry is now completely healthy.

According to iVillage, hernias are "defects in any wall of the body which allows what’s behind the wall to come through." The most common type of hernia in infants is one that we commonly know as an outie belly button. This occurs when, "muscles at the umbilicus do not quite come together allowing the sac which holds the intestines to poke through." These usually get smaller in size and close up on their own, leaving an outie. Occasionally some larger ones may need to be surgically corrected.

Henry is believed to have had an inguinal hernia, which is most common in baby boys and is corrected with surgery. Most babies that have the issue are born with it, and it occurs when, "the muscles and ligaments in the groin area do not come together completely, allowing the sac holding the intestines to poke through."

Sources: Celebrity Terrorist and iVillage Pregnancy and Parenting.

Have you dealt with hernias yourself or with your children?

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