Rachel Weisz says everyone told her parenthood would be "bad"

Rachel Weisz, mom to five month old Henry Chance Aronofsky, was happily surprised by how much she’s enjoying parenthood. She said, "Everyone said it was going to be bad. I didn’t know it was going to be this much fun."

Rachel’s has already experienced some challenges with Henry- he had surgery to correct what we believe was an inguinal hernia and she is struggling with balancing work and motherhood. Rachel’s already filmed a bit part in My Blueberry Nights, and is now filming her first larger role since giving birth, a part in the ensemble film Definitely, Maybe. Of the working mom experience, Rachel says, "Ihave respect for all working moms out there, because it’s definitely acomplicated balancing act, which millions of women are doing all thetime…But I’m part of that club now."

She adds, "I’m still new to it. I’m green. I’m still figuring it out as it goes."

I think that all first time moms are green, all throughout their child’s life! You’re constantly being faced with new challenges through each stage of your child’s life and since you’ve never been through it before as a parent (as opposed to a babysitter, sibling, aunt/uncle) it’s a brand new experience. Hopefully, with subsequent kids, it gets easier because you’ve been through it before. Does it? If you have more than one child, please share your experience!

Source: Us Weekly, November 20, 2006 issue

Photo: People, used with permission

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