October 07, 2015 04:00 PM

Rachel Zoe is ready to give son Skyler Morrison‘s long locks a trim, but says the tot won’t be happy about it.

“We are a hair family, between me and Rodger [Berman], we’re like Twisted Sister in the ’90s or something. We have so much hair,” Zoe tells PEOPLE.

The stylist and designer says the 4-year-old, who wears his brown curly hair long, is in need of a cut, while youngest child, Kaius Jagger, 21 months, has yet to make his first visit to the barber shop.

“Kaius has never had [a hair cut] — he does not have as much,” she shares. “When Skyler was Kaius’ age, he literally had a full head of hair. Skyler got his first haircut at 3. I think that we’ll probably do another one right before he starts school.”

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The Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe star says when the time comes, “we’re gonna go a little shorter. I gotta get it out of his face, but he loves his long hair.”

The 44-year-old also reveals that the trendy kids are not yet dressing themselves, but she suspects Skyler will begin to have his own style within the next year.

“Pending it’s not uncomfortable, they’ll let me put on whatever they want. Skyler just doesn’t like to wear coats, he’ll put on a jacket for a very limited time period,” she explains.

Zoe says she’s “interested” to watch her little boy’s fashion sense develop, and hopes he adopts her mantra of “style is your best form of expression.”

“As long as he doesn’t dress like his dad on a Sunday, I’m cool,” she jokes.

— Lindsay Kimble

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