"I, personally, will deeply miss when they go back to school," Rachel Zoe tells PEOPLE

Rachel Zoe's boys "found themselves" and each other during isolation this past year.

The CEO/fashion designer shares two sons — Skyler Morrison, 10, and Kaius Jagger, 7 — with husband Rodger Berman, the entrepreneur and Rachel Zoe Project costar to whom she's been married to for 23 years. Their time at home together during the pandemic proved to be strengthening to their family's bond.

"We've grown closer as a family. It's amazing," Berman tells PEOPLE.

Adds Zoe, "I also think us having a homeschool teacher for them has been life-changing. They both just really found themselves. That's been the best part of this insane awful year, the quality time when normally they're in school all day, we're in work all day, and then we all catch up at night. I, personally, will deeply miss when they go back to school."

Zoe and Berman launch a brand-new podcast together Tuesday, co-produced by Cloud10 and iHeartMedia, titled Works For Us, in which they divulge the secrets to their own lasting relationship while also taking note from other famous pairs.

"We do not pretend to be any kind of trained relationship experts, but we do really understand people and relationships," says Zoe. "Everyone, no matter who they are, is in a relationship. It doesn't matter what kind: it's a marriage, it's dating, it's best friends, it's a mother-daughter, it's a coworker."

"Relationships are something we're all faced with every minute of our lives," she continues, "so we felt it would be great to not only share our 'recipe,' but more importantly, what's the secret sauce for everybody else? Why does it work for them?"

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Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman
Credit: Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

What's one way they keep their marriage strong? Zoe says she and Berman both acknowledge that they must maintain their "separate" lives apart from each other so they aren't always co-dependent — a difficult task since they work together daily too.

"The idea is that you're dependent, but you're independent; there's the life you share, and there's the life that's yours," she explains. "That really takes the pressure off of the other, because if you're solely dependent on the other for your happiness and your purpose, that can't really work."

Her husband agrees, adding, "I always find that the best relationships are the ones that you really root for the other person and you really try and help them in achieving their goals. Ultimately, your happiness is the other person being happy, right?"

When it comes to raising their kids, they split up parental duties — though they both acknowledge that Mom does most in that department.

"Rachel basically does everything except for things that require physical activity," says Berman, as Zoe echoes with a laugh, "In parenting? I do everything!"

"There's definitely a clear division of responsibilities, and I think the kids just chose it, you know what I mean? It just happened," the mom of two says, adding that Kai and Sky are "exactly the same, but couldn't be more different in terms of their personalities and the way they approach things."

Zoe says her boys' relationship with each other is "so special." For Kaius, who's "glued to my side" as Zoe puts it, the extra time at home has been "beautiful." For Skyler, on the other hand, he "missed being with friends" but found connectivity through playing Minecraft with them from afar.

"They live for each other. They are so close. They sleep together every night — and they have their own rooms!" she shares. "They've always been this way. To be honest, we were worried in the pandemic, like, 'Dear God, they're literally just on top of each other 24/7 for the last year.' ... But 97 percent of the time they really get along beautifully. They're really close."