November 11, 2013 11:00 AM

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Sometimes there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing — and mom-to-be Rachel Zoe understands that in the purest sense.

“I was so over-loved as a child,” the stylist told PEOPLE Saturday during the second annual Baby2Baby Gala. “Not in a bad way, but I was smothered with love all of the time by my parents.”

It’s that type of affection and adoration that not only helped shape the 42-year-old as a woman, but also guides her as she navigates being a parent herself.

“I’m the same way with Skyler,” she says of her 2½-year-old son. “[My husband] Rodger [Berman] and I just stare at him and kiss him and snuggle with him.”

She adds, “We literally kiss him 5,000 times a day, and I ask people, ‘Is it possible to over-love your child?’ and apparently [it’s] not.”

With so much love to go around, the real task for Zoe, who happens to be just weeks away from welcoming her second child — “[I’m] so pregnant!” she says — is convincing her son that a sibling is a great idea.

“I talk to him about it [constantly],” she shares. “Literally, since I got pregnant, I just tell him every day, ‘You’re going to help this child walk and eat. You’re going to be the big brother and you’re going to take charge and you’re going to be the leader.’ It’s just warming him up.”

Staying on message as far as the benefits of familial expansion is one thing, but for Zoe and her growing clan, the impetus is on staying calm — even with a rapidly approaching due date.

“I take each day as it comes,” she explains. “Being a mom for the second time, we try and be really zen about everything because if you get a little bit crazy and prepare too much, it psychs you out. You start to imagine weird things. I just like to take it as it comes.”

— Reagan Alexander

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