May 02, 2011 08:00 AM

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Rachel Zoe is basking in baby bliss since welcoming son Skyler Morrison, now 5 weeks.

“Life is amazing, it’s perfect. It’s complete. I’m in love and I can’t see straight,” the new mom, 39, tells E! Online.

Having already regained her svelte figure, the celebrity stylist and star of The Rachel Zoe Project credits her quick bounce back to nothing more than breastfeeding her baby.

“I’m eating a ton and nursing my child. I have not exercised, I can tell you that much,” she says, adding, “I have to go home and feed him right now.”

As for deciding on a name for her first child, Zoe admits she skipped the name game altogether — and went straight to her all-time “favorite.” Coincidentally, both monikers also hold a special meaning for Zoe and husband Rodger Berman.

“It made a lot of sense because the ‘S’ in his name was for my great aunt and the ‘M’ in his middle name is for my grandfather and my husband’s mother,” she explains.

And while she has been able to balance motherhood with her career, mostly in part to her “unbelievable team” who moved the office into Zoe’s home, for now, the busy mama isn’t ready to consider expanding her family further.

“Right now I’m just having fun with this one,” she reveals.

— Anya Leon

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