Rachel Weisz: I feel sexier after having a baby


Oscar winning actress and Definitely Maybe star Rachel Weisz, 37, recently sat down with UK’s The Sun for a chat. The fiancée of director Darren Aronofsky and mom to 20-month-old Henry Chance discusses body after baby, Darren as a dad, if they plan to have more kids, a parent’s fear, and being a working mom.

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On her body after the birth of Henry:

Ifeel sexier after having a baby. I think you feel a lot more confidentand much more appreciative of your body and what it’s capable of doing.I’ve got a lot more respect for it.

When I stopped breastfeeding Igained some [weight]. It took me more than a year to get back to whereI was.

On loving her son:

The biggest surprise is how much you love your child. It’s a new, different kind of love, a very powerful love.

On Darren as a parent:

He is such a good dad. It’s beautiful to see someone become a father.

On balancing being an actress and a mom:

Untila child starts school they are incredibly portable. The good thingabout being an actress is you have a huge amount of free time duringthe day because they take hours setting up shots. I get to spend lotsof time with him — more than if I worked in an office.

On a parent’s fear:

I think every mother gets panicked and thinks something is going tohappen. I put my hand on his back and stick my head in the crib so Ican hear his breath. Or I tickle his feet and get him to move. I thinkit’s natural for a mother to fear the worst. Nature put that there sowe protect our children.

More kids?:

I’ve got no plans to have another baby. I can’t imagine having another one now. But never say never…

Source: The Sun

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