Rachel Platten Says She Went Through an 'Incredibly Painful' Postpartum Battle with 'My Mental Health'

“I tried every tool possible, even ones I was previously scared of, and finally now I’m feeling consistent joy, ease, power and real hope again,” the singer shared

rachel platten
Photo: rachelplatten/Instagram

Rachel Platten revealed that she struggled with an "incredibly painful" postpartum battle with her mental health following the birth of her now 6-month-old daughter, Sophie Jo.

The "Fight Song" singer, 40, candidly shared she is embracing her "true power" amid her challenges in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

"I feel so proud of myself, I got through an incredibly painful battle with my mental health, long days that felt impossible and tears that wouldn't stop coming and nights that felt never ending when my poor scared body wouldn't let me sleep," she captioned a photo of herself smiling and holding Sophie.

"I tried every tool possible, even ones i was previously scared of, and finally now im feeling consistent joy, ease, power and real hope again," she added. "Actually f that it's not even hope, it's bigger. It's a KNOWING. i know my strength. I know my worth. I know who I am and i love myself."

Platten said that she is accepting her insecurities and "sunny parts" as she continues to work through her struggles.

The "Better Place" performer — who also shares daughter Violet Skye, 3, with husband Kevin Lazan — teased fans about the possibility of new music. She released her last album Waves in 2017.

"Ahhh i have so much to share with you all. So much truth and sooo much love and music. My little soul is bursting! Haha," she wrote. "But mostly, i just want to reach a hand back into the darkness if any of you reading this are still there💔."

She added, "I promise, It's possible for you to feel joy again. I'm here as an example that you can do this. You can be your own hero and you can learn to love all of you and i believe in you."

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She concluded the post with her aunt's heartfelt advice for helping her "to climb out of hell."

"My aunt told me on one of the darkest days i had in this postpartum period, 'Rachel, no one is going to come save you. Be your own hero. Do one brave thing today. Do one more tomorrow. Win the day. You can do this,'" she said. "So I'm passing it on, you can do this. Win the day. I love you all. Happy 6 months my angel Sophie jo."

Platten previously opened up on Instagram about the "mental rollercoaster" of postpartum anxiety since Sophie's birth.

"I did not want to write this post. In fact, i hid from social media for 2 months because of it. But here it is, i have postpartum anxiety again," she wrote in October. "I thought, I'll share about it when I'm 'better'. I'll have a really powerful story about how i overcame it. And everyone will think oh she's so strong bla bla."

"But f--- that," she added. "I don't want one other single mother out there to experience the same feelings of shame, loneliness, and fear that i did if maybe reading about my story NOW can help you. Because this can be hell if you think you're alone."

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