New mom Rachel Luttrell blogs about son Caden and returning to work

In her latest entry at her website, Stargate Atlantis star Rachel Luttrell talks about 4-month-old Caden Dar, returning to work and how she gives credit to all working moms.

To all you working Moms out there… hats off to you. It is not an easy endeavor. (And that is putting things mildly.) I love my son more than anything. But I am lucky enough to also have a job that I love and a supportive group of people with which to work.

So this year my trailer will look more like a nursery and the sign on the door, instead of reading “Teyla”, will read “Caden.” Barely four months old and he already has his own trailer.

In fact it is Caden’s four month birthday today! And how are we spending said birthday, you ask? We are going to bundle up and go for a walk along Vancouver’s impressive coastline, rain and all… and then perhaps a warm bath and story time.

Caden is the first child for Rachel and her husband Loyd Bateman.

Source: Rachel’s Official Website

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