August 23, 2016 02:45 PM

Robert Trachtenberg

From late nights together prepping for the next episode of Saturday Night Live, to figuring out parenting, Rachel Dratch relies on pals Tina Fey and Amy Poehler then and now.

“We have our SNL mommy support group. We all ask each other advice, we share our cute pictures,” Dratch, 50, mom to Eli, 5, tells PEOPLE. “It’s fun to sort of laugh through all your foibles, your questions and doubts.”

And the large SNL brood gets together regularly for playdates — though Dratch says don’t expect an SNL kids show anytime soon.

“It’s pretty cool, we actually just had one,” she says. “It’s like regular kids hanging out though — I don’t want anyone to think like, our kids are doing comedy bits on the porch!”

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Still, it’s fun for Dratch and her friends to see their kids get along just as well as they did.

“Tina’s daughter is around Eli’s age, so right when we got to the house, they started chasing each other around the table, and then Ana [Gasteyer]‘s daughter is closer to Tina’s other daughter, so they were sitting there quietly laughing at the little kids. It’s just cute how they all kind of blend together.”

But Dratch says that Poehler thinks that her son, Abel, and Eli have comedy potential.

“Amy’s son is right around Eli’s age, so they had a playdate recently, and Amy always jokes that they’re going to grow up to be the comedy writing team of Abel and Eli — they were singing this song, making things up,” Dratch recalls. “They’re just regular kids, though! But it’s cute how they jive together.”

And Dratch, with all her comedy chops, still says Eli’s imagination surpasses hers.

“His imagination is so much better than mine,” she says. “I always think, ‘Oh, I’m an actor, I’m in this creative field, I’m going to be so good at playing these imagination games with Legos or action figures.’ And I’m just not good at it. He just surpasses me in that. I try though, I try.”

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