Rachel Campos-Duffy Expecting Sixth Child

Joking that she never co-hosts The View without a pregnancy announcement in hand, former Real World: San Francisco star Rachel Campos-Duffy stayed true to form during a Monday appearance on the ABC chat fest.

“I am having a sixth child,” she beamed. “I am three months pregnant.”

When asked by co-host Barbara Walters whether she ever wonders how different life would be had The View hired her following her 1999 audition for the show, Rachel admitted that she does — but was quick to clarify that she wouldn’t change a thing.

“I think it’s much harder to have six kids in an apartment in New York City,” she noted. “I live in Wisconsin, in a rural town with 8,000 people; It’s a nice house because it’s affordable.” Rachel added,

“I think it’s obviously easier to have a big family [there], which is what I’ve always wanted. Am I happy? Yes. Would it have been different? Absolutely. But I really believe everything happens for a reason.”

Including, of course, her soon-to-be family of eight with husband Sean Duffy — which Rachel says could continue to grow! “I don’t plan on having 19, but I never planned even one of my children,” she explains. “Each one has been a blessing so I guess I’m open to whatever happens.”

As for baby-on-the-way, Rachel says that her three daughters and two sons are already making their gender preference known.

“The kids want a boy, because they want to be the Brady Bunch.”

Rachel, turning 38 later this month, and Sean, a Republican candidate for Congress in 2010, are parents to Evita Pilar, 9 ½, Xavier Jack, 7 ½, Lucia-Belen, 5, John-Paul, 3, and Paloma Pilar, 16 ½ months .

Source: The View

— Missy

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