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When former Real World star Rachel Campos-Duffy famously auditioned for — and lost — a spot on ABC’s The View, it was a blessing in disguise. The 37-year-old mom-of-five says that retreating to Ashland, Wisconsin to focus all her time and energy on her growing brood was the path she was meant to take all along. “People are focusing so much on the idea of at-home motherhood and whether it is good for kids or not,” she notes in a new interview. “In my situation, it is good for my kids.”

In her book Stay Home, Stay Happy: Ten Secrets to Loving At-Home Motherhood, which she describes as a “love letter” to at-home moms,” Rachel says she makes “no judgment about what works for other families.” Instead, she points out what is is often missing in the debate between moms who work outside the home and at-home moms — the “pleasure” that being an at-home mom brings. “I really like what I do,” Rachel says,

She adds,

If anyone were to doubt that her feelings are genuine, they need look no further than her family with husband (attorney, Congressional candidate and fellow Real World star) Sean Duffy — for the couple haven’t ruled out a sixth child! “We’re not opposed to the idea, but if I did, I’d like to say that would be the last,” Rachel says.

Together, Rachel and Sean are parents to Evita Pilar, 9 ½, Xavier Jack, 7 ½, Lucia-Belen, 5, John-Paul, 3, and Paloma Pilar, 15 months.

— Missy