Quinny Zapp: A true lightweight heavyweight

The Quinny Zapp is one of the oddest looking lightweight strollers we’ve ever seen, yet there’s nothing odd about what it does. With a unique tripod style wheel base, its spins on a dime and manuevers in ways you can’t imagine. But while other strollers fall short (and backwards) this one stands it’s own, with weight distribution that helps it to maintain it’s stability at all times.

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The Seat

Because it’s marketed as a lightweight stroller, I didn’t expect a lot of bells and whistles from the Quinny Zapp. Yet it really did provide some great comforts and features. First of all the seat is quite roomy. Designed to accommodate a child up to 45 lbs this stroller is really made to last. One caveat is that the seat does not recline, and therefore this stroller is not recommended for children younger then 6 months.

The five point harness is easy to click together and take apart with a single locking mechanism at the crotch. The straps come with the standard shoulder pads and are wide enough to provide real restraint to the passenger. With a taller-than-average seat back this stroller really will grow with your child and you’ll find you’ll be able to use it much longer then many. It even has a dedicated footrest that provides your child a comfy spot to tuck their feet while they ride.

The sun canopy is fairly decent for a lightweight stroller and opens easily with the flick of a hand. On the back and sides of the canopy are peek-a-boo windows so that you can keep an eye on your infant while strolling. The canopy also snaps on and off the frame quite easily!

The Quinny Zapp is built to support the Maxi-Cosi infant seat, so that you can use the stroller from birth. Unfortunately this is the ONLY car seat it is made to accommodate.

The Frame

The frame of this stroller is made of a very lightweight aluminummetal that feels very sturdy but won’t break your back as you schlep it around. While the handlebars do not telescope up and down, I found that they were at a pretty decent height that worked well for me (5′ 7") and shorter friends. The odd shape of the handles throws you a bit off at first but you become used to them after a time and they really do not affect the push or use of this stroller one bit.

For the US version of this stroller we received an extra set of wheels, in Europe the Zapp features a tripod like design with one wheel in front and two in the back, and a storage basket. While the storage basket isn’t exactly roomy, it does the trick quite nicely and can hold a myriad of packages or bags.

The brakes are easy enough to apply, you simply push down on the foot pedal bythe back, right wheel with the red triangle on it to brake, and thenuse the all gray foot pedal on the opposite wheel to release them.

The Fold

The fold is super easy, though it does require the use of two hands. You start by pushing the buttons on either side of the frame labeled 1 and 2. When you push in button 1 the button automatically stays depressed making it easy to push in button 2. Then you use your free hand to push the handlebars forward to collapse on top of the frame.

Lastly you push down on the grey button at the bottom middle of the frame. This last step is a bit more tricky and after some practice you really understand how it works. If you push it just right you’ll hear a slight clicking sound and the middle bars of the stroller will collapse downward. The first few times I tried this I got quite frustrated, so take your time and practice up before you embarrass yourself in public!

The Quinny Zapp’s claim to fame is having the most compact fold on a stroller and they don’t play around. This stroller, when folded, could fit in practically any car with no problem. It’s a very tight rectangular fold that stays put pretty well.

Another helpful measure is the carry bag which is included with the stroller purchase. While you wouldn’t want to utilize this on trips to/from the mall, it will come in handy for storage and longer travel. The bag also stores all the included accessories, includingthe user manual, the sun canopy, the rain cover and Maxi Cosi car seat adaptors, how handy! The wheels can come off easily when needed, but the good news is that the stroller fits in the bag with the wheels on. I also loved how it really stayed folded. As you move it from spot to spot in the folded position it doesn’t pop open, making it a dream to toss in and out of the car, even without the bag!

The unfold is pretty similar to the fold, you start with pushing in button 1 (which stays depressed) and then pushing in button 2 while pulling up on the handlebars with your free hand. Then you bend down and pull the middle bottom block towards you until it locks in place, there isn’t an audible click for this last step so you’ll have to push on it to ensure it’s in place. These steps will also require a little bit of practice.

The Ride

The ride is what truly makes this stroller phenomenal. It pushes so easily and with minimal effort. And it spins perfectly, steer and go. You’ll never have a hiccup with the wheels on this stroller and it will never fight where you intend it to go. On smooth, even surfaces it will practically push itself. Pushing it around the mall and around the park both proved to be equally easy to do.

Final Thoughts

I’ve never met a stroller that did so much in such a minimalist way. The simple styling of the Quinny Zapp makes it a dream to use at a crowded mall but it doesn’t lose it’s abilities pushing around the open park either. The ride is always smooth and effortless and I really liked pushing it. As for the unique styling, I did find that people commented on it, but it wasn’t obnoxious and in general I’m OK with not blending in.

I absolutely love the colors it come in, they’re all very pretty and quite bright. I think the hardest part for me would be picking just one! Lastly for $199, I have to say it’s worth every penny. It’s built to last, takes up no space, looks cool and really does what it’s supposed, how often can you say that about a stroller?

Super compact fold
Weighs only 16lbs
Pushes very easily

No cup holder
Storage basket is on the small side
Handlebars don’t telescope for height adjustability

Tip Test (Empty stroller with weighted diaper bag hanging from handlebar)

5lbs: No change — it didn’t tip any easier backwards
10lbs: No change — it didn’t tip any easier backwards (this frame held it’s own, even with an empty seat)

Buy Yours

You can get your Quinny Zapp at Let’s Go Strolling.

Quinny Zapp Specifications

Stroller Name




$ 199


16 lbs

Folded Dimensions

27" x 10" x 11"

Stroller Width


Stroller Length


Seat Back Length


Seat Width


Seat Depth


Max. Weight Limit

40 lbs

Max. Height Limit


Min. Age

From birth with Maxi Cosi infant car seat

6 months for bucket seat



Type of Tires

Rear – Hard rubber wheels

Front — Hard plastic swivel wheels

Seat Features

No recline, only forward facing

Color Options

Carseat Compatibility

Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories

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