Quiet Hours Toys


What: Some of the most delightful artisan-crafted toys and wares from around the world.
Why We Love It:
Without having to spend time researching, you can know that these toys are going to be safe and fun for your children. Their products are beautiful, imaginative, long-lasting and made from natural and sustainable materials.
Shop Here For:
Charming wooden figures and farmhouses by Ostheimer, cloth and wood play food (no matter how you slice it, every child loves play food!), unique craft supplies and fun room décor.
Our Favorites:
No child should be without the store’s most popular item, Crayon Rocks ($7). So simple, yet so cool. And the new wool and cotton dolls by Viola Studio ($38-$56) are as funky as they are adorable (you can even order a custom doll to look like your child!). Don’t miss the tiny felt baby shoes ($32)… how can you not want a pair in every style?

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