March 29, 2006 05:29 PM

Update: Queen Latifah’s not adopting yet! While walking the red carpet at a premiere last night, she said, "I’m not pregnant and I’m not adopting right now…So everybody take a deep breath and slap yourselves in the face for all that gossip!" We’re slapping ourselves right now, Latifah!

March 22nd – According to The Insider, Queen Latifah has announced that she will begin the process of adopting a baby shortly.  (The page on The Insider’s site only says she wants to be a mother, but the TV version is broadcasting that she has cleared her schedule, has people galvanized, and will hopefully be a mom by this time next year.)  No additional information is known but be assured we will update this post as soon as we find out.

Thanks to CBB Readers Michelle Anne, Toni, and I’mAGossip.

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