February 12, 2007 08:46 PM

Queen Latifah reportedly shared her desire to have a family of her own on today’s Ellen DeGeneres Show. The Rapper/Actress/Covergirl Model says her dream family would include about 18 children.

That’s right, Latifah (nee Dana Owens) says she would like to adopt 18 children, but will not follow in the footsteps of other celebrity parents who have adopted from outside the US. Latifah says she would prefer to "help a kid in the hood" and wants to adopt her children stateside.

I want to adopt an American baby though, you know what I mean, nooffense. Just because there are so many kids here thatneed our help. My sister is a social worker, and there are just so manykids that could use a good home. Nothing against going out the country.That’s great and I get why a lot of people do it – because of the lawshere. I just feel like if I do I would help a kid right [here] in thehood.

TMZ has video of some of the interview on their site.

Source: TMZ

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