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Updated August 03, 2008 03:00 PM

Once the world's youngest living queen, Queen Rania of Jordan now has a whole list of royal duties to fulfill for her country, among those raising her four kids — Prince Hussein, 14, Princess Iman, 12, Princess Salma, 8, and Prince Hashem, 3. Realizing that there is a "major misconception" associated with being part of the royal family, Rania says her status is "just real life," and that even queens aren't exempt from the worries accompanied with motherhood! The 37-year-old admits she is like any other mother across the globe, saying, "I care about my children. I worry about what they eat. I worry about the influences from their friends."

As for their upbringing, Rania strives for her children — who each have a list of chores — to be as normal as possible. So much in fact, that Rania prefers people call her and her children by their names instead of the traditional title of ‘Your Majesty,' saying she "makes a conscious effort not to be conscious of [being queen]." Rania and her husband King Abdullah are also responsible for making some minor adjustments to royal traditions in order for their kids to associate themselves with the outside world. Never spending time to discuss their children's royal future with them — including their oldest son's position to one day be king — Rania is adamant that the most important lesson for her kids isn't their power in the world, but rather "the most important thing is to instill them with the right values." Says Rania,

Source: CNN via Oprah; Photo by INF.

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