Q&A: How do celebrity moms prevent nursing leaks?

Celebrity Baby Blog Reader Melissa wrote to us after the Oscars, wondering howcelebrity nursing moms are able to wear amazing gowns to big eventslike the Oscars and Golden Globes. "Not only are some of thedresses revealing, but the material certainly wouldn’t mask a nursingpad. What are these stars using to prevent leaks?"

A good bet is that they are using Lilypadz,which work by pushing the nipple in and apply gentle pressure to stopmilk flow. I use them with great success now my supply has adjusted. In the early days, I was leaking all the time and they couldn’t control it. Now they do a great job and I prefer them over the disposable kind.

When I used the disposable kind, my favorite was Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads. I liked them the best because they were thin, individually wrapped (and easy to open), and absorbent. All of my nursing friends couldn’t believe I used them as long as I did. Every time I bought a box of 60 pads, I thought it would be the last one. I wish I had bought stock in Lansinoh because I bought A LOT of boxes.

The funny thing about nursing pads is that I didn’t buy any when I was pregnant because I had no idea I would have such a need for them. I now highly recommend that women who plan to nurse have a box ready for when they come home. You will leak like crazy in the early days until your supply adjusts, but then later on, not as much or at all. After nursing for almost a year, I typically only experience leaking when I am nursing.

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