Q&A: Gwen Stefani's Agent Provocateur bra

CBB Reader Dina wrote in to inquire about my Agent Provocateur bra (thesame bra you’ve seen Gwen Stefani sporting around town). She said,"I am asking mainly about the support and comfort as I know it isstylish. I have been through several bras in my almost eight months ofnursing and am not pleased with any. I also cannot wear underwire as Ihave already dealt with mastitis three times."

I think it really depends on your size. I wear a large size so I need a lot of support. I have accepted that I will not get the same kind of support I’m used to with non-nursing bras so I am ok with the Agent Provocateur bra. It is my prettiest bra and I feel mighty fine in it. That said, it is not my favorite bra due to the lack of support. I’m also not 100% thrilled with the slight pointiness it gives me, a la Bettie Page.

$110 is a lot to spend on a nursing bra but it makes me feel good and there are so few pretty nursing bras available. I will probably wear it less often so it will last longer so that’s good. If there is an Agent Provocateur shop near you or you don’t mindreturning it if you order online and don’t like it, give it a shot. Going to the shop is an experience and worth it for the trip alone but leave your husband home. (The sales women wear white nurses’ uniforms and heels.)

FYI- Gwen has the leopard print but it also comes in black, black with red, and fuschia.

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