PureKids Collection at Pure Pearls: High-quality heirloom jewelry

Oftenwhen looking to buy something to celebrate a special occasion or milestone in achild’s life we think about jewelry. I know that when my daughter was baptized Ireally wanted to buy her a piece of jewelry that she would be able to treasureas an adult and possibly pass onto a child of her own one day.

Ifyou are looking for heirloom-type jewelry you might want to check out the new PureKidscollection at Pure Pearls. Offeringhigh-quality, fine pearl jewelry at exceptional discount prices,the Pure Pearls team of experts bring you the top 3% of their exclusiveharvests. By sourcing pearls straight from the pearl farms, they are able tocut the middleman and bring incredible wholesale prices to their customerswithout sacrificing quality.

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Withan extensive selection of necklaces, earrings and bracelets the PureKidscollection there is really something for everyone. Someone who likes more classic styles mightopt for the Button-ShapePearl Earrings while someone with a more rock-star personality might likethe Freshwater Solitaireon Leather Cord which is a single black pearl.

AllPure Pearls jewelry, including the PureKidscollection ishand-knotted on the finest silk, finished with 14K Gold clasps and isaccompanied by a GIA Graduate-prepared appraisal for insurance purposes(which Iwill point out was really impressive to receive with the multi-coloredbracelet I got). The jewelry also comes ina really high quality gift box in case you are interested in that aswell — I always think it makes a difference which type of box youreceive jewelry in.

ThePure Pearls staff is available to talk to you and to customize your order. Theyalso offer a 90-dayReturn Policy to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your order.

Check out the entire PureKidscollection.

Priority and Global Priority Mail is FREE for any purchase made over $75!

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