Punky Brewster Season 3 DVD set

For those of you who felt nostalgic (and/or old!) when Soleil Moon Frye gave birth to her daughter Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg (aka Poe) on August 24, 2005, here’s some news that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy again. Punky Brewster Season 3 is out on DVD on July 25th! Selling for $29.98 at the Sony website, you can also wait for it to reach Netflix.

In Season 3, Punky is back and growing up fast! Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster) and George Gaynes (Henry Warnimont) star in another season of the unforgettable hit show. Punky is faced with a new set of dilemmas, including boy problems and all that goes with them. It is in this classic collection that Punky becomes a gossip columnist, skips school, steals a pig and imagines life as a dog! That crazy Punky! With best friends Cheri and Margaux, and her ever-present dog buddy, Brandon – who has a personality all his own – Punky will once again charm everyone she meets.

Put on your Converse high tops, tie a bandana around your jeans leg and watch the trailer for the show, in Quicktime and Windows Media Player.

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