By peoplestaff225
March 31, 2008 10:12 AM

Regular readers of this page will remember that I love me a pouch sling. The go sling, from Puj Baby is similar in concept and just as easy to use. Unlike pouch slings which hold your baby a little low on your body, the Go Sling holds the baby a little higher and closer to your center of gravity. You can’t do a cradle hold with the Go Sling because it’s for older babies who are already holding their heads up (picture the baby in the pouch sling in the hip carry or in the tummy-to-tummy hold and it’s the same sort of thing). Check instructions on how to properly wear your Go Sling in this video.

The Puj Go Sling is not only wonderfully made but also incredibly beautiful. Available in five different colors, the sling is machine washable and easily folds right into your bag when not in use. Also worth mentioning — at $48 this sling is a steal!

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