October 26, 2011 06:00 PM

Kurt Markus

Ty Murray has one wish for his baby boy.

“My biggest dream for him is that he finds a passion,” Murray tells PEOPLE of 3-month-old Kase Townes, his son with wife Jewel. “I don’t care what it is.”

But there is one thing he hopes it isn’t.

“The last thing in the world you want to think about is him getting on a bull,” says Murray, 42, co-founder of Professional Bull Riders and a nine-time world champion.

“It’s the most dangerous sport in the world. It would give me and Jewel gray hair instantly.”

But the first-time parents accept the like-father-like son possibility.

“It’s our job to protect him and shepherd him the best we can if that’s what he really wants to do,” adds Dad. “It would be the hardest thing in the world for me — I can’t think of anything worse!”

Luckily, he and Jewel, 37, have a ways to go before they need to worry about Kase strapping on a pair of spurs.

“We find out a little more about him every day,” says Murray. “Like Jewel says, he’s a present that opens really slowly. He’s a little person now. He laughs and thinks things are funny and raises his eyebrows at you.”

“We don’t know if he’s as good-looking as we think he is,” adds the proud papa with a laugh. “We don’t know if we’ve got the parent goggles on, but to us, he couldn’t be more perfect.”

This week, Jewel will get some one-on-one time with Kase as Murray heads to Las Vegas for the PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals, for which he’s the lead analyst.

“This is our world series,” Murray says of event, in which the top bull rider gets a gold buckle — and $1 million. “It’s fascinating to watch.”

Jewel would agree.

“She really enjoys it, and for the last three months, when I go to do a telecast, she stays home with the baby and watches on TV,” says Murray.

Andy Watson for PBR

“This year they’ll miss the finals because it’s Las Vegas. It’s five performances with rock music blaring, pyro, and then smoky casinos — no place for a three-month-old baby.”

The PBR World Finals will air on VERSUS Wednesday through Saturday at 9 p.m. ET and concludes on NBC Sunday at 4 p.m. And Jewel’s not the only cowgirl who will be watching.

“I hear a lot of women and girls who come to our events say that the bull riders are cute or that they have amazing bodies,” says Murray with a laugh.

“Every time I’m able to introduce somebody new to it, it’s really fun to see their reaction,” he adds.

“There’s way more to the sport than they every imagined.”

Just don’t tell Kase!

— Rennie Dyball

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