Prissy Poofs: Dress Up Fun For Prissy Girls

I am that type of girl’s mom – the one who loves to dressher up in pink and ruffles and all things girly. So I was ecstatic to receive aPrissyPoofs signature LadyBugPoof.

Hand-made with yard (and yards!) of tulle and designed tostand up to hours indoors and outdoors use, PrissyPoofs are not onlyhigh-quality but also super-cute. There isa huge selection to choose from, including TeenyPoofs for baby and SeasonalPoofsfor holidays. You can order a SpookyPoof (not spooky at all!) as your child’sHalloween costume! My favorites are the ChickeePoof and the KittenPoof which evencomes with a little tail! PrissyPoofs also offers apparel like bloomers forbaby and a t-shirt for mommy. Poofs range from $34 to $49 and packages are alsoavailable.

Celebrity mom Catherine Bell bought poofs for her daughter,Gemma, and also bought some as baby gifts. Brooke Shields was gifted with the signatureKnottyPoofs for her girls, Rowan and Grier. Kelly Ripa’s daughter Lola wore the signature LadyBugPoof as her Halloween costume last year! Soon-to-be celebrity mom Marcia Cross gavelavender SparklePoofs to her youngest flower girls at her wedding.

If you are considering a tu-tu for your little girl, youwill NOT be disappointed with PrissyPoofs signature poofs. Order through their website,, check out their "Poof" of the Week for special pricing.

— Teba

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