Prince Louis and girlfriend get married

Prince Louis of Luxembourg, aged 19 and son of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, is getting married this 29th of September to Tessy Anthony. The couple welcomed their first child, Gabriel, in March despite their young age. The family seems however to be loving the incorporation of little Gabriel. The Prince will give up his rights to the throne after marrying Tessy and all the family will be addressed as "de Nassau". Tessy and Gabriel won’t receive any titles from the marriage.

A similar situation happened after Prince Jean, brother of Grand Duke Henri, married Helene Vestur after having a baby girl, Marie Gabrielle, out of wedlock. His children and wife weren’t given any titles by his father, Grand Duke Jean, and were addressed as Counts of Nassau. However, this year all his children were again given the title of Princes, just as the other grandchildren of Grand Duke Jean and late Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte by his brother and current Grand Duke, Henri of Luxembourg.

More details of the wedding will probably be announced soon, due to the inminence of the wedding. An article by Luxembourgish newspaper Wort (with photo of the parents) can be read here.

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