September 26, 2005 08:47 PM

Correction: The pregnant Braxton is Towanda, not Tamar.  Thanks to CBB Readers momintn and Jacqulyn for letting us know.

CBB Reader Suze from Atlanta, GA, sent us this pregnant celeb spotting.  Towanda Tamar Braxton is a sister of the more famous Toni- she is also a singer.  The three Braxtons used to be in a group called The Braxtons.

I read that Tamar has since left but I’m not sure if the group, comprised of Toni and Towanda, is still together.  I think Towanda is the one in the middle of this album cover.

I spotted Toni Braxton’s sister Towanda Tamar Braxton at the mall and she was very pregnant at the Lenox Mall in Atlanta, GA Sept 10 & 17th, 2005. On the 10th she sat down at the Starbucks table and rested her poor feet. I had the nerve to even rub my non-pregnant belly and give her two thumbs up (Good Job) but she looked at me like I was crazy, but I did not care. On the 17th she had two pigtails and a green baby doll dress and was wobbling (because she sure was big) her way to the food court at the Smoothie stand.

CBB Reader Jacqulyn emailed another sighting!

I also saw her at Lenox Square two weeks ago and talked to her.  She was on the show "Starting Over."  I asked her about the show and did she like the way it showed her.  She said it was a lot of editing.

I wonder if these sightings were on the same days or if Towanda just spends at lot of time at this mall!  Suggestion to Braxtons fans- hang out at the Lenox Square Mall if you want to see her and bring your camera!

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