by British correspondent Joanna:

British TV star and former pop singer Kerry Katona, whose third pregnancy we recently reported, has been pictured smoking on holiday in Marbella despite her baby bump.

Kerry already has two young daughters with her soon-to-be-ex-husband Brian McFadden, and smoked throughout those pregnancies as well. She is expecting baby no. 3 with new partner Mark Croft, who she has expressed a desire to marry as soon as her divorce comes through.

It has been reported that although Kerry has cut down on the cigarettes, she hasn’t been able to stop altogether and says "My doctor said, if you’re more stressed about not having a cigarette, you’re better off having one – the stress harms the baby more."

This is however widely disputed, with the vast majority of medical opinion firmly against smoking during pregnancy. Evidence suggests that doing so can increase the risk of miscarriage and cause babies to be born prematurely, as well as reducing birth weight, depriving the baby of oxygen and even leading to stillbirth in some cases.

Thanks to CBB readers Stephanie & friedom.