Woman Uses Gag Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket to Tell Husband She's Pregnant: See His Exuberant Reaction

Hayli Baez and her husband Rick are already parents to their daughter Hazel, 2

One Arizona woman is sharing the adorable and creative way she told her husband she is expecting.

Earlier this week, Hayli Baez shared a video on YouTube, in which she uses a gag scratch-off lottery ticket to reveal to her husband Rick that she is pregnant.

In the opening of the clip, Hayli first learns that she is pregnant and excitedly runs into a room within her house to share the news with viewers watching. Holding up the positive pregnancy test for the camera to see, Hayli hides from Rick and repeatedly exclaims, "I'm pregnant!" before she details her plan for telling her beau the news.

Seen then setting up her camera in the pair's kitchen — as she dances around with mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement — Hayli tells Rick to scratch a lottery ticket and see if he is a winner.

After scratching through the card, Rick shares that he got three gold bars and his prize is a baby, before he realizes a few moments later that the entire ordeal was set up by his wife to share the news. He then screams in excitement before he stands up to hug his wife.

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Prior to posting her sweet YouTube video on Feb. 15, Hayli previously shared an adorable shot taken to reveal her pregnancy news on Valentine's Day.

Featuring the expectant mom posing with a pair of heart-shaped balloons — alongside Rick and the pair's 2-year-old daughter, Hazel — Hayli wrote, "Roses are red 🌹 💝 Hey, what's one more? 💝 ✨ Incoming Baez party of 4! ✨."

In another post, Hayli shared a pregnancy update, where she detailed, "As of last Sunday I'm 10 weeks!"

"No word on the sex yet (though we should know in a couple weeks 👀) and ya girl has been m i s e r a b l e," she continued. "My daily routine for about a month was bed ➡️ bathroom ➡️ couch. I'm still feeling pretty garbage, but my medication has helped a TON and I'm starting to feel a *little* more like myself. Second trimester PLEASE hurry 😭."

Noting that her daughter is "so jazzed" to become a big sister, Hayli added, "Every day I ask her 'baby brother or baby sister?' and about 80% of the time she says sister."

"Does that mean anything?" she asked. "Whoooo knows! Guess we'll find out soon. She's going to be the best big sister 💜."

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