"To think that three years ago I was in this place where I was so skinny that I couldn't have gotten pregnant if I tried."

By peoplestaff225
Updated December 02, 2020 07:28 PM
Teresa Palmer Pregnant Who Magazine

Courtesy Who

Teresa Palmer certainly has it – that pregnancy glow!

The Australian actress, 27, recently showed off her expectant belly in photos for Who magazine. And her fiancé, American actor Mark Webber, posted a similar photo to Instagram (he later deleted it), along with an adorable note to the bride- and mom-to-be.

“The love of my life @tez_palmer, with the other love of my life growing in her beautiful belly,” wrote Webber, 33. “What an incredible feeling to look at a picture of your love and get washed over with feelings of pure joy, hope, excitement, inspiration and unconditional love.”

Webber went on to thank Palmer, star of the recent Warm Bodies, for “showing me that true love exists and that I’m worthy of that love … Sharing and living life with you by my side = blissed out peace.”

In the interview for the Australian magazine’s Body Issue, Palmer talks about the “wasted” years she spent obsessed with her weight and diet.

“I was exercising so much, and I just wasn’t nourishing my body in the right way,” she says. “I used to be incredibly militant about the food that I ate. I looked great on the outside, but I wasn’t healthy on the inside. To think that three years ago I was in this place where I was so skinny that I couldn’t have gotten pregnant if I tried.”

— Tim Nudd