Jason Kelce's Pregnant Wife Kylie Featured in Full-Page Ad Wishing Her Luck Ahead of Super Bowl

Kylie Kelce is being sponsored by Frida ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, where she will be awaiting the birth of her third baby as husband Jason Kelce takes the field

Jason Kelce with wife Kylie
Photo: Kylie Kelce/Instagram

Kylie Kelce is being honored for her big contribution to the big game.

It's not every year that your husband's team ends up in the Super Bowl — playing his brother's team — while expecting a baby any day, but such is what's facing the 29-year-old mom this week.

The soon-to-be mom of three began making headlines earlier this week when husband Jason Kelce revealed that at 38 weeks pregnant, Kylie will bring her OB-GYN with her to the big game.

As fans wonder whether the "Kelce Bowl." will feature the birth of the third Kelce girl — joining big sisters Elliotte, who turns 2 next month, and Wyatt, 3 — Frida decided to sponsor Kelce as their MVP, "Most Valuable Pusher."

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In a full-page ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer Wednesday, Frida announced its sponsorship of Kylie.

"This Sunday will generate over $500 million of ads and sponsorships around football players. But the real MVP isn't going to be on the field. Frida is proud to officially sponsor Kylie Kelce in the sport of motherhood as she prepares to welcome baby #3," the ad, which features a photo of Kylie during Elliotte's birth, reads.

"While Kylie's husband and team sweat over 18 weeks of work, she's on week 38. Instead of water breaks, her water could actually break. There's no practice round. And it's messy," it continued.

"It's literally blood, sweat and tears. You wanna talk MVPs? Where's the award for Most Valuable Pusher? Her plus-one this Sunday will be her OB-GYN because her Big Game could start right there at the Big Game. So as her husband pushes that football through his legs, she could be pushing something twice as big through hers. And that's what deserves a sponsorship."

Pregnant Kylie Kelce Is Featured in Full-Page Newspaper Ad Wishing Her Luck Ahead of Super Bowl

Speaking with PEOPLE about the opportunity to team up with Frida, she explains why she chose to feature a mid-birth photo in the powerful ad.

"When I connected with Frida, we discussed that picture in particular, and I shared it on my Instagram because I just think it's the epitome of 'ignorance is bliss,' " Kylie explains. "At the top of the picture which is not in the ad, is Jason smiling ear-to-ear, completely unknowing of what was going on."

"I also think that it's such an empowering photo. There is a human exiting my body, and my veins are popping on my forehead, and I'm sweating, and it's the peak of pregnancy," the mom tells PEOPLE. "You get to finally meet this little human that you built, and that's the authentic mom feel that Frida gives off to me."

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Kylie Kelce/Instagram

"I'm just really, really proud to be working with a company that encourages that and recognizes that and sees that moment and thinks of what strength or what power that picture has. It makes me really proud to be working with Frida."

Helping other families through the partnership, Frida will be doing something special for all of the women who are bringing babies into the world on Sunday, providing them with the tools to start their season of motherhood.

Moms who welcome a baby on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023, can send proof of birth and a shipping address, and Frida will send Frida Mom and Frida Baby gear to tackle their biggest game yet: parenthood.

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