April 03, 2012 08:30 PM

Alessandra Ambrósio recently told PEOPLE that she’d be finding out the sex of her baby shortly, and true to her word, she did. The model, 30, and fiancé Jamie Mazur will welcome a son in mid-May, she confirms to PEOPLE.

“We really tried to keep it a surprise but we were too anxious!” Ambrósio writes on her Facebook page, sharing a photo of herself on the beach with the announcement in the sand. “Soon, we will have a little boy to rock our world!!”

Courtesy Alessandra Ambrósio

“I have wanted a boy for a long time. I actually thought my first baby was going to be a boy, but then, of course, was very happy to get a girl,” the Victoria’s Secret stunner tells E! Online. “But now I am getting a boy as well, it’s absolutely perfect. It’s the best news.”

With five weeks to go before delivery, Ambrósio says she and Mazur have yet to pick a name.

“I have five good names for a girl and really none for a boy,” she admits. “That’s the hardest part! I want something that works well in both Portuguese and English. It can’t be too American or my grandmother won’t be able to pronounce it!”

Daughter Anja Louise, 3½, has a suggestion for her parents, but Ambrósio confides that they won’t be taking her up on it.

“Anja’s really excited and has also come up with a name she would like him to be called,” the model laughs. “I told her that her name for him can be his nickname.”

— Sarah Michaud

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