Anya update: 7 months

I can’t believe 7 months have already come and gone. It took Anya’s 7 month , May 14th, for me to realize that. We’ve started thinking about her party (and mine- it’s coming up in mid-June). We’re looking forward to our summer together too- Cape Cod at the end of June where we’ll see Anya’s cousins Sophie (almost 9) and Max (almost 5), who calls her Anya Onion. (Similarly, Max calls her best friend Catie, Catie Broccoli.)

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Nursing is still going really well. It’s one of my favorite parts of motherhood. Speaking of which, my first Mother’s Day was pretty cool. My brother and mom met us at Prune, a great tiny restaurant in the East Village, for brunch. My dad met us and took Anya on a walk so we could eat. Then my mom and I went to Providence Day Spa in Brooklyn where we had facials in anticipation of my brother’s upcoming nuptials on Memorial Day. I had a very stressful day when I had to duke it out with RK Bridal over the crappy alteration job they did on my bridesmaid dress and went shopping and was able to find a dress to wear that I really like.

Sleep: Anya’s sleep still hasn’t normalized. She usually takes 3 naps a day but her early morning nap has gotten later which moves all naps up. However, this may work better for our nighttime family routine- when Josh comes home, he feeds, bathes and reads stories to Anya right before I nurse her and put her down for the night. With a later nap, we can all have dinner together before having to start her bedtime routine. Also, after much deliberation and exhaustion, we have implemented the Dr. Ferber technique of letting Anya cry it out (aka CIO). I am happy to report that the crying has not been in vain- we are down to around 5 minutes of crying before she falls asleep. However, she still wakes up every few hours. Our hope is that she will be able to put herself back to sleep now that she is able to fall asleep this way when we put her down for the night.

Food: We started Anya on solid foods a week before her 6 month . We’ve tried all of the foods in the Earth’s Best 1st Beginner starter packs. Her favorites are green- she enjoys the Earth’s Best peas and mashed avocado. I gave her yogurt a couple of times- you should have seen the disgusted face she made. I bought some sheep’s milk yogurt in the hopes she’ll like that more. I learned that we can now give her tofu so I’m going to try that this week. We also want to try the different organic baby food made by companies like Bohemian Baby. Hopefully they will have more taste. Even though they are organic, the Earth’s Best bananas are pink and they only slightly resemble the taste of a banana so it’s not surprising that Anya prefers the real thing.

Physical milestones: Anya now rolls over quite easily and sits up like a pro. She’s pre-crawling- if you put her on the wood floor, she slithers backwards. Also, she got on her knees in order to pull toys out of her toy basket.

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If you have questions about products or clothes in the photos, post a comment and I’ll ad the info below.

Pink footie sleeper (Jacadi)
Brown ruffle dress (Babystyle – on sale for $15!

Chubnik onesie (Nina & Tom Family Fashion)
Babe tee (Tricky & Titch)
Starry pants (Babystyle, winter ’05)
Pink and green fleece jacket (The Children’s Place)
Blue dress with cherries (Babies R Us)
Sushi pants (One Little Monkey)
I Love Mom tee (Old Navy)
Pink and brown one piece (Babystyle)
White & pink two piece (Jottum)
Black and white overalls (Gymboree, from at least 1 year ago)
Purple dots legwarmers (Babylegs, now with Comfort Cuffs for fat pulkies)
Pink velour jacket (Zutano)

Jack Jack Doll (The Incredibles)

In reply to Jaclyn’s question about my strollers:

If you live in a city, the Bugaboo is awesome. It is SOOO smooth. Because of the two piece fold, tt’s not so great for in and out of the car. We really wanted it for the bassinet and liked that it accomodated a car sear (Peg Perego or Graco).

However, now we also have a Baby Jogger which is even smoother than the Bugaboo and can accomodate a car seat. It’s also really easy to fold and lets you recline the seat almost all the way (21 degrees I think). If I had to do it over again, I might have tried to just use the Baby Jogger.

We got the Combi Cosmo for the subway. It is really lightweight and small. It’s a bit heavier than the Peg Perego Aria (which is 10 lbs) but it’s so much smaller and easier to carry down the steps of the subway. It’s not as easy to maneuver though. I believe you can use it with a Combi carseat. Combi makes a similar stroller that accepts almost any car seat. I kind of wish we got that but since we got this new stroller a month or so before we are planning to switch to the toddler car seat (Britax Marathon), it didn’t seem to be worth it for the extra $200.

The Peg Perego Pliko P3 is not ours. We were at a friend’s who was expecting a baby (the next day actually) and Anya was test-driving it. I liked it though.

Other strollers I like are the Inglesina Zippy (which we almost got instead of the Bugaboo) and Inglesina Magnum.

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