CBB Exclusive: Poppy Montgomery answers reader's questions

As one of the stars of CBS’ Without A Trace, Aussie Poppy Montgomery is usually a very busy woman. However, life has slowed down considerably due to the writer’s strike, allowing Poppy to focus on the end of her pregnancy and culminating in the birth of her and boyfriend Adam Kaufman’s first child, son Jackson Phillip, who arrived on December 23rd in Los Angeles.

Now eight weeks into motherhood, the 32-year-old actress recently chatted with CBB about childbirth, her son, Australia, favorite products, her castmates, and more. All questions were submitted by our readers.

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There was a lot of confusion about your due date! Were you overdue? Did you feel like you were ‘done’ being pregnant?

Yes, he came about a week and a half late.  I loved being pregnant, but I was definitely ready to have Jackson in the last couple weeks. I was so eager to meet him!

Previously, you had said you were nervous about giving birth. Now that you’ve been through it, what was one thing you wish someone told you about the delivery process?

There is nothing that anyone can say to prepare you for childbirth. Each woman’s experience is so different; you never know how it will be for you! 

While I encourage everyone to read and plan for the birth of their child, the best piece of advice I got was to just let go and allow what will happen to happen.  Don’t try to control it.  You can make all the birth plans in the world, but at the end of the day — go with the flow.



Can you describe what Jackson looks like? Does he resemble bits of you or Adam yet?

Jackson is beautiful! He is Adam’s little twin! He looks just like his daddy. I’m thinking he’ll have my personality because he doesn’t look like me at all.

How did you settle on the name Jackson Phillip?

Phillip is my Dad’s name. We wanted to honor my Dad, and we liked the name Jackson — we thought it was a good, strong name.

What little milestones has Jackson achieved so far?

Smiling. When he sleeps, Jackson gets this adorable little smile on his face.  It’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen — and I always wonder what he’s dreaming about.



What is Adam like with your son? Did seeing him as a dad make you fall more in love?

Adam is the most amazing father! Seeing him with Jackson has only made me love him more. They are beautiful together … really beautiful.

What are your favorite baby gear and products? What has been most useful to you so far?


Adam and I love to take the baby for walks, and we have been using a great Orbit stroller ($900). I love Farmorganics baby products too.

Also, right now, Jackson sleeps in an Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper ($155) which attaches to your bed. It’s wonderful because it gives you the ability to have your baby sleep in bed with you, but there’s no chance of rolling over and squishing them.

Do you plan on bringing Jackson to Australia sometime soon? Will it be considered a ‘second home’ for him?

We definitely want Jackson to know Australia as a second home.  Both of my parents live there, so it’s really important to us that he knows them, and knows where I grew up.

Unfortunately no one is working due to the writer’s strike, but have your Without A Trace castmates had the pleasure of meeting Jackson yet?

All of my amazing castmates and many of our writers and producers have been over to meet Jackson.  They are his second family.  I’m sure he knows all of their voices already because everyone used to talk to him when he was in my belly!


Photographs by Jack Guy for use on CBB.

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