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Can you help the family come up with an original J name – we'll share your input!

September 01, 2009 12:30 PM

As Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar prepare for baby No. 19, they have a big hurdle ahead of them: coming up with another name that starts with the letter J.

Let’s face it, they’re probably running out of good ones! So Jim Bob told PEOPLE that the family would welcome a little assistance: “We’d love to hear from the readers at to come up with a special name for this child.”

While there are many J names still available, many of them might not be the right fit for the newest Duggar. And, we can’t have any repeats so familiarize yourself with their children’s names before you vote:

Joshua James, 21
Jana Marie, 19
John-David, 19
Jill Michelle, 18
Jessa Lauren, 16
Jinger Nicole, 15
Joseph Garrett, 14
Josiah Matthew, 13
Joy-Anna, 11
Jedidiah Robert, 10
Jeremiah Robert, 10
Jason Michael, 9
James Andrew, 8
Justin Samuel, 6
Jackson Levi, 5
Johanna Faith, 3
Jennifer Danielle, 2
Jordyn-Grace Makiya, 8 months

Because it’s too early to tell if it’s a boy or girl, PEOPLE has selected five names for each gender – pick your favorite or go to the PEOPLE fan page on Facebook to submit your own! We’ll forward the results to the Duggars.

What should the newest Duggar addition be named?

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