Sponsor: Polkadot Patch Boutique: Unique Baby Clothes and Funky Children's Gifts — the boutique that says "NO" to pastels!

For all the parents and gift givers who are tired of the same ole-same ole children’s clothes and gifts, there is now an alternative for unique baby clothes and funky children’s gifts. Polkadot Patch Boutique, a contemporary online children’s store found at www.polkadotpatch.com features designer baby clothes and handcrafted gifts for babies and toddlers.

This unique store has a children’s clothing and gift philosophy that no other online store can rival: their products are all about color, unique designs, funky textures, high quality, and childlike themes.

With a large selection of unisex baby clothes and gifts, Polkadot Patch Boutique is making sure the traditional pink and blue pastels of babyhood are being challenged. The boutique features gender neutral apparel in bright oranges, fun greens, perfect purples and almost any fun shade in between.

Unique gift favorites in this store include: Robin’s Hoods felted hats which are funky designs for keeping children fashionable and warm and Keenan’s Kreations keepsake bracelets which are handcrafted keepsake bracelets that any little girl would love to wear! For gift givers who like to customize a gift, the selection of personalized children’s gifts including sweaters, wall art, and baby bodysuits are so fun!

When looking for an unusual baby gift , a funky baby gift, or a splash of color for an infant or toddler, stop by Polkadot Patch Boutique ! The “Patch” will ship all orders over $99 for free and shoppers can save an additional 15% by using code “celebritybabies” at checkout!

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