By peoplestaff225
Updated October 08, 2007 04:01 AM

Update: AhGoo Baby has informed me that they have changed the manufacturer which produced the pad with seams that frayed when washed. A replacement is en route.

As the famous potty-training book says, ‘Everyone Poops’. And we’ve all got the standard changing pads that come with our diaper bags–the slick, plastic-y one; the too-small-for-any-baby’s-tush one; the not-very-washable one; the too-thin-to-qualify-as-a-pad one; and how about the one that stains? (from a $150 diaper bag to boot!). Hard to believe no one has made anything much better. When I’m on the go, I have to put a receiving blanket on top of the pad that comes with my bag to compensate.

Now someone has responded to our communal groan about crappy changing pads: Ah Goo Baby has developed The Plush Pad ($47), which raises the ante on portable changing pads. They have inserted a sheet of tempur-pedic-type memory foam into a waterproof case, and then into a velvety-soft cover with a colorful fabric exterior. It rolls up very tightly and is secured with two attached elastic loops. Love the plushness, love the colors, love the compactness. Here’s the proverbial ‘poop’: Some of ‘it’ will naturally land on the pad at times, so I washed my Plush Pad within the first week of use, and, well, it’s not quite as quick to clean and replace in your diaper bag as the plastic-y versions. I laundered both the plush outer cover and the white interior zip case. There was some effort reassembling all the pieces and working the foam layer back in, and then stretching it all back to fit. Also, be very careful to wash this on a gentle cycle. I didn’t, and found that some of the seams were worse for the wear. But for the softness against my baby’s bottom, I’m willing to make these trade offs vs. plastic.

The Plush Pad is only 10" long by 3" in diameter when rolled up; when opened, it’s 2 feet by 2 feet square. I found it plenty big for my son as a newborn, and he just barely fits onto it now at 7 months.

Celebrities who have The Plush Pad include: Jason Priestly, Patrick Dempsey, Jamie Pressley, Naomi Watts, Kristy Swanson,Marcia Cross, Amanda Peet, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Diane Farr.

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